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Affordable Curtain Cleaning Liverpool

curtain cleaning liverpoolGet a curtain cleaning services on which you can rely on. As a renowned cleaning services provider, Your Cleaners Liverpool Ltd. can guarantee an expertise in the field with more than 10 years of cleaning experience and the savvy that can make your curtains look like brand new again. Book and get:

  • Decreased allergens
  • Fresh smelling drapes
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Certified personnel
  • Great results each time

You can contact our carpet and curtain cleaning company any time you need, Your Cleaners Liverpool Ltd. is here to help you 24/7. If need be, we can be at your doorstep within an hour of your call at no extra charge. Upon availability, we can even accommodate your weekend needs without a deposit and on a reliable curtain cleaning prices.

How We Do The Curtain Cleaning in Liverpool

We have experience cleaning: Natural and synthetic drapes, cotton, silk, velvet, blended, braided and woven, handmade, acrylic, vinyl and a lot more.

Steam curtain cleaning in Liverpool

Using steam allows the curtain cleaners in Liverpool to clean your curtains as they are, no need to take them down. This saves time and an effort, as well as minimizes the chance of wrinkling and other movement related damage. To properly clean the drapes, he relies on a special attachment, it sucks the dirt and grime off of the drapes, and along with it up to 95% of the moisture used. Because the cleaning method has such a strong dirt removing power, the cleaner use of materials like acrylic and vinyl that can withstand the temperature and moisture. The curtains will be fully dried within 3-4 hours of completion after the cleaner finish.

Curtain dry cleaning in Liverpool

This cleaning method gives to the curtain cleaners a chance to clean natural your drapery without having to worry about discolorations or fiber damage. Due to the usage of a dry compound we are required to take your curtains down though we install them back on for free once we are done. We start by applying the dry compound on the surface of the curtains, it is then imbedded into the fibers with a fine brush. After that, we wait for it to settle and react with the filth inside and then extract it using vacuum machine. This treatment is so effective that we only apply it once, with impeccable results each time.

Customer reviews

Brian Sholes

I’ve been a client for over 2 years now and this domestic cleaning company has been superb each time, would recommend them anytime for curtain cleaning. I can 100% recommend Your Cleaners Liverpool Ltd.

Shlomo Ross

I’ve found their curtain cleaning service to be reliable, good partners whenever we need something cleaned for a decent price.

Katelyn Oswald

As a first time client, I have great impressions by your great professional cleaning treatment and I have to say that they have been most wonderful.

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Don’t delay, get the best curtain cleaning services in all of Liverpool, call 0151 673 0104 and book your Liverpool curtain cleaner. For further inquiry refer to the hotline number or use the live chat for instant connection to our staff, we are here to help you 24/7.