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Expert Mattress Cleaning Liverpool

mattress cleaning liverpoolSearching for mattress cleaning services near you? With Your Cleaners Liverpool, you not only get clean as a whistle mattress but also protect your family. The professional mattress cleaners guarantee either extermination of bed bugs and dust mites and stain and odour removal. Booking us will get you:

  • Full dust mites and bed bugs removal
  • Odour and stain extraction
  • Affordable rates
  • Accommodating booking schedule
  • Available on weekends and holidays

Our professional cleaning company - Your Cleaners Liverpool, is working on weekends and bank holidays free of additional charge. The flexible scheduling options, make us a truly reliable mattress cleaning service provider. Call 0151 673 0104 for more information about your local mattress cleaning company. Book a service today or get a free quote from our expert customer care team.

How We Do The Mattress Cleaning in Liverpool

We are able to take care of memory foam, regular, spring, anti-bacterial, orthopaedic mattresses without causing any damages on the mattress itself.

U.V Lights mattress cleaning Liverpool

With the usage of medical grade lights, we are able to penetrate the deepest layers of your mattress and kill any pests lingering on the outside or inside. Using the U.V lights, we guarantee full decontamination of any mattress type without resorting to heavy and dangerous chemicals. Often used in laboratory settings, these lights are used to disinfect entire rooms, equipment and even clothes from a wide range of bacteria and pests. The local mattress cleaners are using the lights in conjunction with a strong vacuum machine making the mattress cleaning method bulletproof. The fun part - there is no drying required.

Mattress steam cleaning

Works as a follow-up procedure to the U.V lights mattress cleaning treatment, taking dust particles or contaminants out off the mattress. Steam cleaning also does wonders combating mattress stains and has quite the success when dealing with potent odours. We use a steam jet to blast away and then extract the dirt, leaving a small amount of moisture behind to dry naturally within 3-4. The professional mattress cleaners are able to remove allergens and dead skins cells from the surface of the mattress with great precision, without harming the mattress itself.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mattress Cleaning

Q: Are the U.V lights safe for the mattress and for my family?

A: The U.V. lights we work with have been optimised to suit domestic use and have little to no negative effects on the fibres of the mattress.

Q: How effective are these mattress cleaning methods?

A: We've never had anyone requesting a re-cleaning, the U.V lights do the work superbly.

Q: How long will my mattress dry for after the mattress cleaning? 

A: Depending on the thickness and the material we are cleaning, generally anywhere between 3-4 hour, a lot faster with our air movers.

Book Mattress Cleaning From Your Cleaners Liverpool

Give us a call 0151 673 0104. Use our booking form for scheduling or the live instant chat room to get immediate answers to your questions. Your local mattress cleaners will do the rest.