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rug cleaning in LiverpoolFor a decade now Your Cleaners Liverpool has been a top rug cleaning service provider in Liverpool. Want to get your rug cleaned and refreshed by saving both money and time? Call Your Cleaners Liverpool and take advantage of:

  • Full dust removal
  • Fine fibre cleansing
  • Extraordinary rug cleaners
  • Up to standard equipment
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Anytime you need our help, we will be there for you. Call 0151 673 0104 for more information about our rug cleaning service in Liverpool and get a free quote from our 24/7 available team.

Cleaning Methods Your Liverpool Rug Cleaners Use

As professional rug cleaners, we are able to take care of: Persian, Oriental, exotic, wool, silk, cotton, velvet, Kashmir, satin, blended, synthetic, acrylic, vinyl, sisal rugs and many more.

Steam rug cleaning Liverpool

Your local rug cleaners are more than capable of removing obstinate stains and potent odours set deep down into your rugs fibres. This is where steam cleaning comes to the rescue. Steam cleaning is most useful when tackling greasy stains, smudges from beverages, paints, and other blemishes. Bulk of the cases, steam cleaning is used when treating wool and synthetic materials.

What does the steam cleaning process consist of: A steam jet is injected into the fibres of the rug while both heat and moisture disintegrate and remove the dirt from your rug. Therefore, we use steam cleaning on materials that can withstand its cleaning power. Once trapped into the steam jet, we immediately draw the disintegrated and detached filth from the rug, using a strong vacuum machine. Up to 95% of the moisture left behind and most of the unwanted grime are removed from the rug.

Dry rug cleaning

Dry cleaning allows the expert cleaners to gentle treat and maintain your natural fibres and handmade rugs which are not eligible for regular cleaning methods.

What makes dry cleaning so efficient? Dry cleaning involves natural dry compound which binds with the dirt particles without harming rug's fibres. The cleaning pros bind the compound which breaks down the filth and apply it onto affected areas of the rug. The mixture is left to settle for 10 minutes, then removed with a strong vacuum machine. The best part - the cleaning process requires no drying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you recommend a safe rug cleaning services for my Persian rug?

A: For Persian rugs, the most convenient cleaning method is dry rug cleaning.

Q: How do you remove odours from the rugs?

A: Either one of twe cleaning techniques we undertake can neutralise unpleasant smells from rugs of all nature.

Q: Can you do something about embedded dog hair from my rug?

A: Yes, the usage of strong vacuum machines and a top notch detergent often do the trick.

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